1. Washington Business Brief: A Flurry of Activity before Recess
  2. Washington Business Brief: LaTourette Talks GOP Presidential Primary
  3. LaTourette talks Budget, Healthcare and Hillary
  4. Washington Business Brief: The Legislative Thaw in Washington
  5. MSNBC The Last Word With Lawrence O'Donnell | Top Christie Ally Defects to Bush


  1. This Week in Washington -- May 22, 2015

    Short-term transportation fix - Before leaving town for the Memorial Day recess, the House passed a short-term transportation patch - and the Senate is expected to do the same before they leave as well.

  2. This Week in Washington -- May 15, 2015

    Deal reached on trade authority - It was a wild week in the Senate on the issue of trade. On Tuesday, the Senate fell short of the 60 votes needed to advance legislation that would have granted the White House "fast track" authority to steer the Trans-Pacific Partnership and other accords through Congress by majority vote and without amendment.

  3. This Week in Washington -- May 8, 2015

    Obama’s EPA rules under attack - A centerpiece of the new GOP majorities in Congress has been the effort to roll back many of the Obama administration’s EPA regulations.

  4. McDonald Hopkins Government Strategies Taps Christopher Barron as Director of Communications Practice

    McDonald Hopkins Government Strategies LLC named Christopher Barron as Director of Communications Practice.

  5. This Week in Washington -- May 1, 2015

    House passes budget deal and first approps bill - By a vote of 226 to 197, the House approved the budget that it negotiated with the Senate. The budget calls for dramatic spending cuts, balances the budget in 10 years, and includes so-called reconciliation language that would gut the Affordable Care Act.

  6. This Week in Washington -- April 24, 2015

    Lynch confirmed -- On Thursday, the Senate - by a vote of 56 to 43 - finally voted to confirm Loretta Lynch as attorney general. Lynch replaces Eric Holder.

  7. The Daily Beast | Inside the Dems' Social Security Feud

    Among Democrats, “reforming” Social Security is so over. The keyword now is “expand.” But that means a tax hike. What will Hillary do?

  8. This Week in Washington -- April 17, 2015

    Doc Fixed -- This week, the Senate overwhelmingly approved the permanent Medicare doc-fix bill, 92-8, and the White House has indicated that President Obama will sign the bill, which would put an end to one of Congress's most-hated rituals.

  9. Inc. Magazine | 130 Inspiration Quotes About Taxes

    Taxes got you feeling blue? Don't despair! Here are a slew of famous (and not so famous) quotes to make your tax season a bit less taxing. Enjoy!

  10. Water & Wastes Digest | Water Sector Groups Announce Water Week 2015

    The event provides an opportunity for water professionals to advocate for national policies that advance clean and safe waters in support of a healthy, sustainable environment.