1. State of the Union Wrap Up with Congressman LaTourette
  2. Immigration, Dodd-Frank and Romney 3.0
  3. C-SPAN | Moderate Republicans in the 114th Congress
  4. A New Year in DC
  5. Washington Ends 2014 on a High Note


  1. This Week in Washington -- January 23, 2015

    The question of climate change has been a contentious one - at least among politicians - which is why its surprising whenever you can get a vote on the issue to garner the support of 98 of the Senate's 100 members.

  2. State of the Union Primer -- January 20, 2015

    Tonight, President Barack Obama will deliver his State of the Union address. Here is a quick look at what the key components of the speech are expected to be:

  3. This Week in Washington -- January 16, 2015

    The State of the Union address gets all the attention, but the annual Republican and Democratic Congressional retreats are unquestionably more important to the day-to-day policy work in Washington.

  4. The Washington Post | Deciphering Obama’s chemistry with Congress--or lack of it

    He hardly ever calls. When he does, it’s all business.

  5. This Week in Washington -- January 9, 2015

    On Tuesday, House conservatives looking to bring down House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) fell short, showing that leadership, emboldened by a massive majority in the House and compatriots leading the Senate, may have an easier time operating amid fickle and disorganized opposition.

  6. The News-Herald | Kirtland cult killings: LaTourette worked toward justice for the Averys

    The defining moment of Steve LaTourette’s career in public service did not unfold in Washington, D.C., where he spent 18 years in Congress representing Northeast Ohio out of the 14th and, later, 19th U.S. House districts.

  7. Telegraph-Forum | Will Congress be more productive in 2015?

    The 113th Congress is on track to be among the least productive in two decades. Will the next Congress be any better?

  8. This Week in Washington -- December 19, 2014

    This week, the Senate put the final wrap on the lame-duck session. Saturday the Senate approved the CROmnibus spending package that had been approved in the House last week–but not before a delay led by conservative Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX).

  9. USA Today | 6 dynamics that could make or break the next Congress

    The 113th Congress is on track to be among the least productive in two decades. Will the next Congress be any better?

  10. Roll Call | FAA Playing Fast and Loose With Passenger Safety and Flight Delays

    At a time when U.S. airline passengers are experiencing the highest rate of flight delays in more than 20 years, the Federal Aviation Administration is proposing radical changes to its air traffic control management programs that could lead to further flight delays, cancellations and jeopardize aircraft and passenger safety.